Central Community Church started with a small group of friends gathered one night in 1923 at the home of E. T. Guthrie. Represented in this group were three religious worship groups. Each of these groups were struggling to get along; two without a spiritual home, the third with a spiritual home, but needing added strength to continue a worth while program. One member of the group E. T. Guthrie said "It would be nice if we could establish some kind of a non-denominational church to serve all of Mattoon.

   The seed had been planted. From this conversation Central Community Church was founded July 19, 1925. The Reverend John Codd was called and accepted on September 17, 1925 with about 150 members in attendance. A news item in the Journal Gazette appeared July 20th stating "What is known as the Central Community Church of Mattoon was fully organized and a meeting held in the First Congregational Church Sunday." the First Congregational Church building, which was built in 1871 at 1520 Charleston, and would house Central Community Church until the existing church was built in 1967. 

One noteworthy example of architectural heritage is the stain glass windows. A Chicago Glass supplier imported the windows from Italy for the Congregational Church in 1898. In 1966 the windows were included in the plans for the current building. the window rose pictured symbolizes the message in Isaiah 35:1 "that the desert shall rejoice and blossom like a rose." the legend is that the people who made the glass had never written down the formula and when the artist died the secret was lost for making this beautiful art glass. Isn't that the way God is? He holds the secret to forming our lives to a point where he can make a rose out of the desert.